Weight training for hypertrophy

Notes from YT:

  • 1-2g of protein per pound of body mass
  • Shock the muscle!
  • Flies are great for whole peck – stretch and flex is what you want (full range of motion, focusing on using the muscle you’re targeting)
  • Mixed workouts (over time) to hit the muscle in different ways
  • Go all out on every set – all out as if it were the last set.
  • You need a nutritious diet
  • PUSH , PULL, LEGS – 3 week
  • You need to get comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Intensity. You need a motivating goal that makes you push harder and a plan for getting there. Then you need commitment and effort. Intensity in work outs, intensity in desire, intensity in focus.
  • Don’t count reps like that’s what matters 7-12 is hypertrophy range but it’s about the effort. Try to beat your score. Eek out extra reps. If you fail, take a mini break and do a couple more reps.
  • Use a timer and start exactly whenever it says however you feel to get that intensity. 60-90 seconds
  • Recovery is the gatekeeper to muscle. It doesn’t matter how good your training is, if you don’t recover properly you get zero return.
  • Losing fat is basically all about nutrition
  • Improve the quality of your food, increase the quantity to make up for these foods being less calorie dense, then be consistent by choosing foods you enjoy.
  • Overtraining is a common cause of bad results
  • Undertraining is common too, focus on effort and intensity not just gym attendance and crossing off numbers)
  • Avoiding the hardest excercises is common (deadlift, squat)
  • Doing power movements (compounds) for high reps
  • Eat clean & Don’t under eat

To get ripped:

  • Drink a lot of water to keep energetic for workouts and so you don’t overeat
  • Prioritise weight training, not cardio
  • Focus on form not weight
  • Consistency in calories because you enjoy your set meals

On actual programmes & bro splits:

  • Full body workouts stimulate growth hormones
  • Having next day overlap between excercises in a split is bad, but overlap 48 hours later is often needed to hit muscles frequently enough. (SIDE: MY SPLIT GIVES INSUFFICIENT RECOVERY TIME FOR SOME MOVEMENTS)
  • A decent split is: chest+biceps, legs-push, back + triceps, legs-pull, shoulders + traps or whatever you want.
  • A split will miss some muscles out and neglect them so you need to change it up every now and then. Monitor change and progress so you can see areas that need work and see if what you’re doing is working for you

You need to figure out what works for you, because people’s bodies are different and do not all respond in the same way.

  • Progressive overload + form + effort
  • 10-20 sets per body part per week is what the average person needs to build muscle
  • To lose fat or build muscle, you only need a slight surplus or slight deficiency, more than this leads to lots of fat gain.

From Matt’s friends brother (a very muscular personal trainer):

A: bench, incline bench, shoulder press, lat raise – super set front raise, dips superset with press ups, close grip bench, cable tricep extensions

B: squat, lunge, nordic hamstrings, straight leg dedalift, calf machine

C: deadlift, pull ups, row machine, upright row, face pull, barbell curl, hammer curl, preacher curl, stratches