Prioritizing & Clarifying Projects

As part of an effort to increase my focus on people and projects rather than wasteful activities, I have prioritized my ‘top projects’. Rather than 8 major projects, I now have 3. I did this to reduce the feeling of overwhelm which can make it harder to start on projects and to increase the likelihood of success by increasing focus.


  1. Get day plan completion rates up to an average of 80% in order to stay organised and get job opportunities (FUNDAMENTAL PROJECT)
  2. Create a podcast for the BBC & a profitable website for mevagissey using creative content production 
  3. Learn to cook really well & eat a nutritious diet for hypertrophy


80% of Day Plans – self-explanatory, to maintain solid output well. (mostly, to execute tasks set by James and to do them thoroughly and to meet high standards) so that I stay organised and employed and avoid chaos (plus, responsibility)

Just do it and increase sleep quality. Remove noise (already started). When day plans are completely normal and how I structure my days, then I’ve completed this.


BBC Podcast – to create a podcast of high production quality that is listened to by over 100 people and is validated internally within BBC Studios before I leave // OR to create media of any kind for use in production by the BBC to help me get a job there and launch a career in creative content. 

Get editing software and record  episode 1 on the structure & history of BBC Studios. Edit it, make it good, and give it to HR as part of an ‘into to BBC package’. You will need to buy your own mic and recording kit. When I have created something that people listen to and got good feedback internally and shared it internally, I have completed this. to make over £100pm from the website by generating 1000 visitors per day and partnering with hotels etc. So that I learn the skills involved in making money via the internet and own a valuable digital asset. 

10 high quality pages of content. videos on the area, on hotels and restaurants and on beaches. A good brand logo and website with a video backdrop on the homepage & full width banner images of the highest quality. Content needs to be structured in a superior manner. Then, 5 rounds of refining need to be done to make general improvements to the site. Link building needs to be done with local businesses for areas where payment is not accepted to build domain authority.  Once the site reaches 150 clicks per day, hotels should be contacted and offered a deal or visited in person. I will need to be smart to find ways of making local businesses want to pay to be on the site. When I have £1200 in my account at the end of one year from mevagissey and I expect it to be coming again the next, I have completed this.


Quality Meal Prep – to eat 150g of protein and a nutritious diet everyday and not need to spend money on pre-made food regularly ever again. AND for this food to be recognizably delicious to other people & myself. So that I enjoy good food and become strong and healthy and can host guests with ease and show them a good time. 

Making a commitment to yourself. establishing a set menu of protein + veg + carbs, finding recipes with different purposes (1 for speed, 1 for bulk freezing, 1 for blow-out etc). Keeping this menu on your comp and adding to sat prep as a link. Using myfitnesspal to track and starting to use the review you have / improving the review in KPI’s to add a ‘next steps’. Don’t tell anyone about what you’re doing, just act like it’s normal for you, because you want it to be. Continue to learn about cooking and encourage yourself to cook by buying your own spices, pan, heat jab and spacheler.

When I have a quality packed lunch everyday (7 quality) and a partially pre-made dinner everyday (7 quality) for 3 months I have made it. This will be visible in KPI’s and in my body which will be lean and very strong with healthy skin.

What will I need to complete these projects in the next four months?

I will need to be someone that creates and executes day plans and aims to keep trello clean. Basically, I will need to occupy myself with the following activities:

  • Writing and reviewing day plans
  • Adding and completing tasks to my work trello
  • Writing and researching content for mevagissey and the BBC podcast
  • Learning new recipes and cooking techniques
  • Eatin’ good solid food consistently

Where will I be if these works?

I will be set up for increasing my odds of getting a job in creative production in BBC Studios and will have initiated a commercial path of creating and selling things, rather than trading my time for money. I will also be enjoying good food and will be significantly stronger physically. I will have an additional income stream that could potentially pay for snowboarding trips forever.