On a walk I was reflecting on what to do at the end of my job. I noticed there were two very different ways of thinking about what to do next. I could create a ‘realistic’ plan, based on developing valuable skills and getting increasingly well paid jobs OR I could begin not with money in mind but with inspiration relating to a vision.

The vision that came to mind in that moment was to help people manage their time better.

Here’s the idea-cluster:

  • Knowledge workers, remote workers and people in rich countries have increasing amounts of unstructured time. This is time in which they have the power to determine what happens. This creates a fundamental problem with extremely high stakes – how will they use that time? Will it be used productively and to increase well-being, or will it be used to their and society’s detriment? I believe it is often
  • I also believe that effective time management is something very few people do well and most people could be much better at, but that it’s actually very difficult to look at your time accurately with a birds-eye view. Therefore, there is a need here.
  • My main academic interest is human psychology and how people in different cultures live. I believe that cultural and historical analysis as well as modern happiness research can provide valuable insights for people that can help them live better. Specifically, I think that looking at how people from different cultures and times have spent their time can help us to see more clearly how social norms are not always ‘normal’. The default option set by your culture isn’t necessarily the best. I believe that most people do not spend enough time engaged in nature or hanging out casually with friends and that because of our society, we think this is normal when it’s actually very unhealthy.
  • I would really like to have access to inspiring content and tools that help me to manage my time better and inspire me to live differently. I would really appreciate content on how to do this and believe that I would respond strongly to content that promised to help you take control of your time and win because of it.


The essential idea: 

  • A website that sells courses and initially coaching sessions with me, with courses on schedule design, communicated through interesting stories from history, psychology & anthropology and related back to a simple calendar. The audience is a) people with ADHD b) entrepreneurs & wantrepreneurs.  This audience is ambitious and wants personal change. I will reach these people initially through Youtube videos, essays on Medium and a TedX talk. The company slogan is ‘Make Your Schedule Your Friend’.


Who is your first user going to be, after yourself? What’s the MVP? How can you manually get clients before your online presence does this for you? How will you plan for the emotional challenges of positioning yourself as a life coach?

  • What things put ME off certain coaches and off the idea of becoming one? This will help design the product.

I don’t want to run with this idea for the following reasons:

  • I still feel that I struggle with this problem and have not actually solve it, which means that I feel negative when thinking about the topic. I would feel like a hypocrit starting a business in this area. I would like to do something more feel-good first, that’s why outdoor pursuits is a good option.

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