Negative thoughts after sugar crash (but maybe true)

what if the personal change is virtually impossible? what if the idea of self-improvement is fundamentally based on a lie? what if people’s nature’s are innate and the rest is environmental – your own efforts to change are negligable. If that’s the case, the only real thing you can do to improve your life is:

  • Accept yourself and go against the culture which tells you conscientiousness is a virtue. Choose a new moral and motivational framework that suits who you are, rather than using one that works against you. (e.g. if you’re a lazy mother fucker, focus on surfing around the world, not climbing the corporate ladder. You will encounter people that share your unconventional moral and motivational framework and will feel better).
  • Choose your environment very carefully (e.g. your friends, colleagues, long term commitments)

What if everything else is just an uphill battle you will never win.

I predict that these ideas will be ignored until one reaches rock bottom, then you accept that trying to be something you aren’t, including a type of morality that doesn’t appeal to you, leads to burn out.

Just listened to Blake Mycoskie’s interview on the Tim Ferris Show. I was struck by how yet another one of my personal heroes seems to have dominant narcissistic traits.

It seems to me right now that business success typically requires massive drive, and that drive rarely comes from positive sources. A business is often an emotional crutch. A person might not feel that they have enough status, that they will be snubbed etc if they do not achieve a certain level of recognizable achievement.

Surely Ecclesiastes is right, this is chasing the wind.

And what is people’s motivation really?

Is it money? No. I do not see any evidence that people like me have any need to try hard to make money. What do you need it for? Everything is so cheap when you’re not chasing status. Don’t drive much, ride a bike. Don’t live in a flashy house, live in a cheap house that’s very close to beautiful places where you can spend your time. People say ‘you’re spoilt and don’t understand what it’s like to have no money’. What do they think I would do all day if I didn’t care about money? You’re still going to work! And if when you work you do so not in a spirit of necessity but because you can’t think of anything better to do, that work is more likely to be genuine work – that is – shit that actually helps people. Then guess what? You’re probably going to get paid for it.

It’s fucking status people are after. Everyone seems so corrupted by it.

Why are people so damned competitive? I can’t be fucked with this. I know you can’t escape it. You run from mainstream competitions into more niche one’s – like being the hippest hippy, the most bitter bohemian or whatever. You’re still playing stupid games.

I can’t escape, I’m only fucking human.

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