e-Commerce Journal 01

If I’m selling stuff on the internet for a living, I don’t want to sell people stuff that they ‘want’ but that ultimately means fuck all.

In other words, I don’t think going into business is worth it if what you produce doesn’t improve somebodies like in a non-trivial way. Why would I work so hard for something that means fuck all? … to get rich? I think I’d rather be a smelly hippy and find a way of working 4 hours a day rather than start an online business if it means fuck all to anyone.

If I can actually help to get people active, engaged and appreciating the outdoors, then it’s worthwhile. If I deliver no added value beyond what they could find somewhere else I’m just not interested. I don’t care if it seems spoilt or coming from a place of excessive abundance (e.g. ‘if you knew what money meant you’d sell whatever you could sell’ – nah fuck off)

Work takes on meaning only as an extension of care or inspiration. In business, if you create something people want then that’s enough – fuck that shit. People want McDonalds – that doesn’t mean McDonalds improves people’s lives or the world in some way. Therefore, McDonalds is not doing something meaningful. ‘It creates jobs’ – oh how pathetic – there are plenty of things that can create jobs that do add genuine value, people can do those things instead.

If I don’t think it’s seriously meaningful – I’m just not going to do it and will live in the woods.

Having said that, you have to be in the game to create something valuable. Not everything you do has to add a new form of value, some things you must do for the business to survive. But whenever you get a chance to make something meaningful, do it.

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