Imagining looking back on life

If my 89-year-old self was put in my body now and could live all over again, what would they do and what insight might they have that could help me?

I can almost guarantee a BIG one will be:

  • Take it really really easy because most of it doesn’t matter that much, and not taking it easy doesn’t actually help you to do what does matter anyway. (this idea is expressed in dance, I think. Dance is FOR saying this, and forcing your body and mind to accept the idea which is so hard to accept in other ways)

Honour your own whims, and honour and encourage others with theirs too. Whims are often the inclination to do something intrinsically enjoyable for its own sake. These things need help happening because they’re not official ‘priorities’, and yet should be. That might be quite right too, but a lack of whims causes midlife crises so are worthwhile to avoid that for starters… heh heh heh. Help people achieve their whims when you can, and treat yours as if they’re serious too.

Know when to work like mad and when to step back. It’s good to work with a high intensity and the rewards of that can be fun. You should work harder when you know you ought, but business is what you do once your personal and families affairs are in order, it’s for your leftover energy after those things.

Think more of the people around you, if it’s easier, focus especially on the people that you actually like. Relationships don’t last forever, partly because people die, move away etc. Your time with those you love and like is precious. Always be the one that goes the extra mile with relationships. If there is animosity in your relationships, be as gracious as you can and be quick and genuine in how you put right your errors.

If you take everything seriously, you grind yourself down. Guard yourself against unnecessary heavy conversation, which is often trifling conversation in disguise. The sooner you learn when the time is to take it easy and be light and airy in your thoughts and discourse, and when to be serious and emotive, the better. People will respect you more if you don’t react to things. Often the best way to help the wounded is with light easiness, not with sombreness.

Use your energy and your inspiration to help others and aim singularly to give others a good time. The extent to which you focus on helping others in your career with your skills is the extent to which your career will seem worthwhile.

Don’t worry about money and don’t get into much debt to buy a place to live, it’s not worth it for the added stress. Relish in the joys of a lower standard of living.

Realize that every person in your life is like a glistening jewel. When you’re young, your generation will see this as the 70’s. You’re in your generations 70’s right now.

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