Significant Insights March-Sept 2020 – Taken from Sat Ref

Rank ordered in terms of significance:

On this trip I reflected on my career, money and identity. I decided to plan my weeks around naturalism, music and God’s Work. This seems like a proper balance for me. ‘God’s work’ means to work for what is the most meaningful thing I can see in my life and to do my damn job, music is obvious, naturalism is about making sure every week I’m thinking about how I can spend time in nature, since it has a profound effect on my wellbeing. Music does too.

 I want to be rich so that I am independent and free to take on whimsical or noble personal projects. Money isn’t dirty and neither is aiming to get it. It’s only dirty if you spend it on dirt or secure it through bad means. 

The idea is that I should be pushing creative projects forward with teams that include real doers with periods of rest in between projects. I also decided that I wanted to go into creative media and design, specifically relating to gamification, education and possibly the outdoors.

I have decided to be more committed to my e-commerce project and allow it to take over my life somewhat

Two other big takeaways: ‘discipline is a precondition for freedom’ and I am kind of disgusted by a lack of discipline because I know that it involves being slavish. Xenophon’s Socrates was exactly right. & ‘Your awareness should be oriented around worthwhile projects, not yourself’. This is the solution to self-centeredness – being absorbed in wholesome projects.

When it comes to planning your week and your life, extrinsic motivations have a tendency to dominate and bully intrinsic ones with less obvious utility. E.g. writing poetry may seem less important than planning a business strategy. This overinvestment in the extrinsic results in massive losses over a lifetime and economically often shoots itself in the foot by making you an uninspired, low-energy person. Your competitive advantage is being more energetic and inspired. A secret to happiness, effectiveness and usefulness – for me – is to pursue what I would pursue if I wanted for nothing. It’s an unconventional opinion, but I believe that in my case this is my only hope for making lots of money too. If you don’t have work ethic, what can you have? Only obsession and passion can provide the necessary energy.

I always create and complete day plans – it’s easier to complete 100% of day plans than it is to complete 50%. You have high expectancy and it becomes a positive thing and more habitual eventually. Likewise at work, motivation comes more easily when you work hard as you get better feedback and time goes faster when you work harder – this effect is very pronounced. 

 I’d rather be a detached, cool and calm worker that relishes in satisfaction of jobs well done, rather than getting giddy or anxious over ultimate outcomes of my work. 

 I had a deep moment in which I realised some of the costs that being distracted and not disciplining myself to stay on-task has caused in my life. It renewed a deep desire to conquer distraction and see it for what it is – ‘the thief’.Intentional, structured and planned activity is necessary to keep at bay distraction. The mind’s default is to scatter itself and spread thin your effort, rendering you ineffective like a limp dick.

Thought about Betrand Russel saying about focusing attention on people etc instead of self, realised that that would be a very good life strategy, as the potential for enjoyment and satisfaction from people is very high /// just makes sense to think much more about who the people are in my life, what life is like for them, what they want etc.

I am so excited to start planning and going on weekend trips in wild areas, linking this with maps, kayaking, swimming, climbing etc AND blessing others through this.

my productive output is speech and writing designed to serve others.

Took up a new hobby, freediving wildlife photography.

The controller has been making lots of progress and the explorer feels somewhat neglected. If you can’t find serious time for beauty/novelty/creative pursuit for the sake of beauty in your days and weeks, you’re living wrong

Insights condensed: 

I must develop discipline. It’s easier to commit 100% than to commit 50% when it comes to daily work practices and fitness routines.

Pick the right projects – intrinsically appealing ones – meaningful ones. Find time for nature and music in your weeks. Don’t let order stifle you, know when and how to step back fully.

Really try to help people through your work. Make money a major metric and have ambitious financial goals and do not feel disgust over your desire to earn money. It’s fuel for your projects and secures you a life in which you get to have expensive projects that – whether you like it or not – you really, really want.

Your craft is speech and writing. There you go. That’s your career in the abstract – making money by helping people using speech and writing skills.

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