I want to learn to speak and write and use these skills as a trainer to inspire people and help them learn useful things. I focus on developing these skills through daily deliberate practice, seeking out quality criticism and working on projects both inside and outside of work.

Right now, this is my main project:

  • mevagissey.co.uk – a tourism website I’m using to learn about coding, design, storytelling etc.

The fantasy idea that excites me the most:

I’m excited by what is possible with e-learning, instructional design, gamification and using interactive storytelling for infotainment-style courses. I have believed since I was in school that the future of learning is hyper-personalised and gamified. Imagine if a student could enter virtual reality, go inside the painting ‘The School of Athens’ and set out on quests to help Plato directly with AI conversations taking place throughout Ancient Athens… It’s a bit better than a classroom on a sunny day at 3pm. Everybody knows that the popularity of games is where we need to look to understand how to engage people, whatever the material.

I think if I focus in on honing this craft continuously I will end up using an innate strength to help others and make loads of money. I don’t know the exact medium through which I will do this, but realistically it’s going to involve content and talking so I might as well go all-in on those two things for the long term.